Corona Stringer

So you live in Corona, CA (and possibly the surrounding areas) and you are a tennis player…with broken, old, or just plain dead tennis strings. You’ve been looking for a professional tennis re-stringing service in Corona that you can trust, yet all you have found is the big box store. The turn around is “a couple of days” and your tennis equipment is not being handled by a passionate tennis racket stringer.

This is where Corona Stringer comes in! I have been stringing tennis rackets for a decade now and have loved it since I pulled tension on my first mains. I have strung thousands of tennis rackets over the years and I truly enjoy giving each tennis player the absolute best string job I can and I truly care about each tennis players’ satisfaction. At Corona Stringer, your tennis racket will be handled with the utmost care, every single time. Additionally, when you have your tennis racket restrung at Corona Stringer, chances are you will get your tennis racket strung and returned the same day at no additional charge!

Corona Stringer carries many tennis string options, check out my string inventory; if you don’t see something you use, just let me know and I can get you the string you desire! If you are not sure what tennis string you need, I would be happy to spend all the time you need to discuss several options and what might work best for you – I am incredibly passionate about getting each tennis player in Corona, CA the absolute best string in their tennis rackets!