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Below are prices for strings and stringing service in Corona, CA. Each string installation is held to highest personal standards, each tennis racquet is inspected prior to tennis restringing; strings are installed professionally ensuring a consistent and pleasant stringing experience. Additionally, most string jobs are completed same day…drop it off or have it picked up in the morning and get it back the same day! 

Remember, if you don’t see a string you typically use, I can get it for you quickly – just let me know!

String Gauge Color  Price (Installed)
 Your own tennis string ?  ?  $15.00
 Babolat RPM Blast

Temporarily Out Of Stock

 17  Black  $35.00
 Solinco Tour Bite  17  Silver  $25.00
 Tier One FireWire  17  Red  $22.50
 Tier One Tour Status  17  Black  $22.50
 MSV Focus Hex  17  Black  $22.50
 YTex Square X  16  White  $24.00
 YTex Trivolution  16L  Black  $24.50
 YTex Pro Tour  16L  Black  $22.00
 L-Tec Premium Os*  17  Silver  $45.00
 L-Tec Premium 3s*  17  Black  $45.00
 L-Tec Premium 4s*  16L  Silver  $45.00
 L-Tec Premium 5s*  17  Silver  $45.00
 L-Tec Premium Flex*  16  Grey  $45.00
 Tourna Big Hitter Rough  17  Silver  $20.50
 Victory Acelon Seven  16 & 17  Black or Dark Blue  $29.50
 Victory Acelon Control  16 & 17  Silver  $28.00
 Victory Acelon Syn Gut  16  White  $20.50
 Kirschbaum Premium Syn. Gut  17  Natural  $20.50

L-Tec Premium tennis strings are installed especially using the JET Method as a hybrid (e.g. Os mains with 4s crosses); for more information check out this article on the L-Tec strings and JET method.

Corona Stringer Gladly Accepts: